Monaco Yacht Show Cancelled

All our target events are now off the 2020 calendar

Monaco, 21 September 2020 — The 30th Monaco Yacht Show has been postponed until September 2021. A statement from the organisers said: “From a health and safety perspective, there was agreement between the local authorities and the organisers on an effective format and structure for the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show, incorporating the All Secure Standard for hygiene and bio-safety.

“However, ongoing apprehension from some exhibitors and attendees, combined with the fact that much of the Super Yacht fleet is still located in the US and Caribbean, has led to the conclusion that it is in the industry’s best interests to postpone until September 2021 the organisation of the 30th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, originally scheduled for September 2020.”

Yachts in the harbour at Monaco

InterZone Pictures has already cancelled all filming for this year. But the cancellation of the Monaco show, which would have been the location for filming one of our events, has vindicated our decision back in April.

All the events at which we planned to shoot footage for our documentary on offshore powerboat racing have now been cancelled. None will take place until 2021. Given the current second wave of Covid-19 which has begun in Europe, those decisions were the right ones.

Now, all we can do is hope that the efforts of the WHO and national health authorities will succeed in finding cures or vaccines in the next six to nine months, so that these events can go ahead next year — in which case, we will be there and raring to go!