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THE PEOPLE BEHIND interZone Pictures have been involved in film and TV production since the early 1990s. Writer Basil Miller had spent most of his career as a journalist and foreign correspondent, but back then he struck up a partnership with French producer Eric Rochat.

Rochat had a project with Irish relevance and reckoned an Irish writer was essential to the story. Longlines and treatments were evolved, but Rochat’s project failed to raise funds and he let it go in favour of his first outing as a director, the Ben Kingsley vehicle ‘The Fifth Monkey’.

Miller, though, decided he liked the story and went on to write a screenplay anyway. That screenplay is now on interZone Pictures’ project slate. It’s about a notorious Irish gun-runner and drug trafficker, well known for escaping the forces of law and order in at least half a dozen countries in the 1970s and 80s. Miller plans a major rewrite to make it edgier, darker and more resonant with the second decade of Century 21.

Another is about an early 20th century rebel during Ireland’s struggle for independence. It’s the right moment for this: last year, 2016, marked 100 years since the Easter rebellion in Ireland began a five-year war against the British Empire which ended with British withdrawal in 1921.

And there’s another, a dark and dystopian vision of a Europe of the near future — but it’s essentially a detective story about what happens when a man discovers his best friend is dead, and he can’t accept it is suicide.

For TV, we are aiming at the US audience with a series of three documentaries on offshore powerboat racing. We will also be filming and streaming three attempts on well-known speed record runs from US waters: Miami-Bimini-Miami; Miami to Key West; and Around Long Island.

And so here we are — planning the launch of our first speed record attempt and laying down schedules and plans for the upcoming TV series.

Like speeding across the Caribbean or a stretch of the Atlantic at 200mph, it could be a bumpy ride — but we aim to enjoy it and to bring to you quality films about this exciting and dangerous sport, on every screen from your massive home cinema to those tiny phone displays.

And then, after that, we will return to our first love and bring some damn good feature films to the big screen.




Three documentaries on offshore powerboat racing


Speed record runs, starting with Miami-Bimini-Miami


Land and Blood — biopic of a famous Irish rebel
Unusual Suspect — the true story of a
notorious Irish arms smuggler and conman
Spare Parts — dystopian SF drama in a Europe
of the near future

(All titles are working titles)