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publiceye media specialises in closely targeted web text. That is, clever text with two great virtues.

  • First, it's 'sticky' text. Which means it is written in an attractive style which pulls in visitors and gets them to stay to read more of the material on your site.

This means more page views, a longer period spent on your site per visitor, and consequently greater retention of your message by visitors. In short, your message gets through.

  • Second, our copy for you is cleverly crafted to make it attractive to robots as well as people. The robots are the crawlers sent out by search engines to analyse and rank websites.

If your site text satisfies the robots' search parameters, then your site will rise high in the rankings. If it doesn't, then even if your site has other search engine optimisation characteristics which are good, it won't rise as high as one with that extra gold star.


Site design and development

We provide a full turnkey service, designing and developing your site from initial concept to live site. With our wide network of designers and web developers, you can be sure of a stunning, practical site which will drive business your way and lead to higher sales.

We also provide maintenance packages, where your site is regularly updated with new material and is maintained to a high standard of performance.

Here's one site we developed recently for leading dispute resolution consultant John Farage O'Brien

Or see a selection from our web portfolio

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