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When you want to get your message into the media, you need it to shine. You need it to be as perfect as it can be.

That’s quite a demanding requirement. It’s demanding because it needs to be your message, but it also needs to grab the attention of hurried and harried editors in a rush to create their own product.

Here’s a fact: most media releases are filed in the bin. Why? Because editors have neither the time nor the staff to get poorly constructed and ill-written items re-written to suit their needs and their 'house style'.

To ensure their attention and maximise its chances of publication, your message has to have that work done on it before it’s released.

At publiceye media we’ve got the best possible experience for putting together your media communications. We have decades of experience working in national newspapers and broadcasting, in Ireland and many other countries, together with long experience of media publicity campaigns which really hit the target for clients. And we have the contacts.

A media pack by us will get your message into the public eye. Bet on it.

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