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Perfection can be achieved

That’s our watchword when it comes to editing.

If you have a message, no matter how short, it deserves to have the attention of a professional editor to ensure it works successfully for you. It should not be spoiled by ambiguity, second-best structure, or seemingly tiny errors in grammar or punctuation that can ruin any chance of that good first impression.

Too often we come across material which has been published or sent to customers and clients and which is, or should be, embarrassing to its author and unlikely to get good results. If you bring your material to us, that won’t happen. 

We will perfect it for you. It will come back to you suffused with a magic that makes it sing.

Editing services:

  • Copy editing: we ensure that all grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct, the meaning of each sentence is clear and terminology is used consistently.
  • Substantive editing: includes copy editing, but gives you more. Here, we deal with the structure and other fundamentals of a document, including its purpose, tailoring it to its audience, tone, layout options and other aspects.
  • Proof reading: your work may be well written, but it still needs the benefit of professional proofreading to correct typos, errors in grammar and spelling, and inconsistencies. This is the final stage of quality control before your document is printed or published. As it is the final stage, it is crucially important for you. We ensure your document is flawless before publication.
  • Indexing: a long or complex document should, ideally, include an index. Indexing creates a list of terms and topics in the document, together with page numbers.

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