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You can’t afford to make a poor first impression, whether in your business or personal life. Most owners and managers know this. So, for example, they leave it to the professionals to design their corporate identity or their website — their look, their front window. It’s the same with writing — or it should be. Why treat the content, the written material and images, any differently? Why not go for the best possible solution?

publiceye media can research, write, structure and present your communications so that they answer your needs, fulfill your aims, and speak clearly to your audience. Or else our professional touch can turn your own, entirely adequate material into an impressive, crafted message that tells everyone you are something special. We also have some special tricks to attract the robots and spiders to your website, which in turn brings more visitors — potential customers and clients.

We can provide anything you need, including:

Business and technical writing:

  • Website content, in collaboration with your own personnel and site developers
    One of our specialities is crafting special text for search engine optimisation — this high value service projects a website up the search engine rankings, thus driving traffic to the site and increasing its effectiveness
  • marketing communications
  • commercial copy writing
  • technical writing
  • external communications such as newsletters, both print and e-mail, brochures, annual reports, and booklets
  • internal communications such as staff newsletters
  • reports
  • PR: news releases and other public relations materials tailored to your specific target audience

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