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About us  

publiceye media is a full-featured communications agency, a virtual partnership of professionals in many fields, from creative writing and investigative journalism through PR and design to web development and text editing. When we analyse a project, we put together the right team for that project with the aim of delivering it on time, within budget and as near perfect as a Persian rug.

It’s a flexible method which allows us to allocate the right skills to each job, keeps costs down and lets us deliver world class results for decidedly normal fees. Clients benefit from that and from clean solutions delivered fast and efficiently.

Just talk to us. We’re worth it. 

What we do is simple: we analyse your needs, we agree in detail the scope of your project, and we assemble the appropriate team to deliver exactly what you order. We can do this because of our wide network of associates, which provides all or any of the services needed to create or publish any document, whether it's online — as a website or an e-mail newsletter — in print, or on disk. We take care of it all, from research, writing and design through to fully-edited final draft. 

Think of publiceye media as the ultimate one-stop shop.

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